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Check the list of 5 misconceptions regarding evolution

I’ve see this first on Science Alert. The infographic from below was created by Molecular Life Sciences. The 5 misconceptions are: 1. it is just a theory: theory means fact in science 2. survival of the fittest: nope. Better say: be able to reproduce and ensure the survival of the population. Nothing to do with […]

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Mental Floss: 29 misconceptions about alcohol

Mental Floss brings us 29 misconceptions about alcohol and you won’t believe that what you knew was true is, in fact, not true. For example: if you eat before drinking, you will not get drunk. That is not true, you will still get drunk, but a little later. Some other misconceptions: – if you mix […]

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50 science misconceptions busted

Hank Green is always on top of whatever has the tag “science” on it. In this video we find out about 50 science misconceptions and the truth about them. Some of the most interesting misconceptions and the facts are: – the Brontosaurus never existed – the far side of the Moon is not black, it […]

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