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Germ theory: how scientists found out what makes us ill and saved million of lives

Germ theory is the scientific theory that tells us that some illnesses are generates by viruses, bacteria, parasites and was first inventigates thoroughly and coined by John Snow and Englishman who was doing research on the cholera cases which showed up in London in 1854.

He was helped in 1884 by Robert Koch’s experiments in which he isolated the cholera causing bacteria, demonstrating that those tiny critters were at the base of the illness. This way the germ theory got support and then was demonstrated over and over again as being true and it is at the core of today’s medical establishment.

Good that the miasma theory was debunked and now we can point the fingers to the true cause of some diseases, at leas. Yay, for germ theory.

Note: The video says that Louis Pasteur was the first inventor of vaccines. Not. Vaccines were invented by Edward Jenner in 1790, not by Luis Pasteur. Pasteur invented the process of pasteurisation in which bacteria are killed when food from a recipient is sterilized by inserting in a hot stove for a while.

Learn about how vaccines work in here:

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Science and technology helping medicine

Medicine has come a long way since the ages of homeopathy, guesses and whatnot. Right now we have a ton of science behind medicine and technology is creating a better world for us and for the doctors.

In the future the doctors will be able to see the heart in 3D right there, in the op room. Such technology will allow them to check for any issues in real time, in 3D.

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Health myths about MSG, monosodium glutamate, and the gluten-free diets

MSG, monosodium glutamate, has an undeserved reputation among health fanatics from all over the world. Reactions explains what MSG is and why it should not be feared. MSG is a flavor enhances that is used to increase the sensation offered by the umami flavors.

MSG is the salt of l-glutamate, a substance present in vegetables and meat and is even created by our body during metabolism. L-glutamate gives the umami flavor in some vegetables like tomatoes or potatoes.

The MSG myth started in 1968 when the Chinese Food Syndrome myth started to roll out. It is said that a scientist described that the Chinese food gave him unpleasant after effects in a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine. That journal considered that MSG, found in some algae in the Chinese food, was the culprit.

MSG does not do anything to your body as it only enhances the taste. In any case, even if you use soy sauce you still eat l-glutamate so you won’t get away from it. So, MSG illness is a myth.

Also, check the info provided by Compound Chem about MSG:

Now, ever heard of gluten-free diets? I’m sure you did and this is why you won’t buy certain types of breads because they might have gluten. Well, most probably you won’t need to follow a gluten-free diet as gluten is not harmful at all. Very few people have issues with it. I mean very very few people:

Gluten-free diets won’t help you at all so stop following crappy advice you get from everywhere.

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Diseases: bubonic plague, ebola, herpes + where we donate vs what kills us

Right at the middle of the week I hit you with an article about diseases. Come on, you gotta love ’em. They show our nature and they are kind to the population by killing the weak ones. Kidding. diseases are bad and we must take every possible step in destroying it. Fortunately, vaccines and a cleaner world we live in have pretty much keps diseases at bay.

For example, the bubonic plague still exists today in certain places of the world, but we are safe from it because we keep our houses clean, we clean our selves a lot, use antibiotics and have a way better medical system now. Also, because so many have died in the past, only the strongest remained to send out stronger genes to us.

Analyzing bubonic plague will help us create better cures that will cover a hole range of diseases that work in similar ways to it.

What about Ebola? Well, fighting it with technology will ensure that in the future we will overcome this disease too. Since we now have containment procedures, hospital that can quarantine ill people and tech that can track the disease in airports, we can now be safer:

Now, are you ready to have your mind blown by Vsauce 2 in Mind Blow #86? Well, find out that most of us have herpes, but it won’t affect most of us if we have a strong immune system. You, yes you, may have hespes:

Another thing to think about: where we send our donations money and what actually kills more people. The disparity is incredible. We give money for breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease and ALS, but the top #4 killers are, in fact: heart disease, pulmonary diseases, diabetes and then breast cancer. the order is… out of order.

Good to know that people donate money, but they better be donating where it’s most needed:

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Learn about 5 ancient medical treatments with Vsauce2

Interestingly enough, medicine have come a long way since the days of the shamans or of bleeding as a practice to treat whatever ailment you’d have. Kevin from Vsauce2 shows us 5 ancient treatments they used back then and how were they performed.

Bleeding was one of those methods and it stuck with the then-day doctors up until the 19th century. Regular people or kings, all were bled to death according to astrology calenders. You may find with some surprise that this was a highly valued method as bleeding was seen as a purifying method widely accepted. You can read more about such methods in the book called An Underground Education: The Unauthorized and Outrageous Supplement to Everything You Thought You Knew out Art, Sex, Business, Crime, Science, Medicine, and Other Fields of Human by Richard Zachs. Great book, read it, love it.

Other old ways to treat illnesses were:
– trepanning – drilling a hole into the skull to let the evil spirits out
– enema – doing rectal purges using animal parts as tubes
– smoking – was used during the London plague
– smelling foul gases – during the London plague was used to ward off the plague as they believed that bad gases brought it in the first place.