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Medical Tuesday: probiotics, aspirin, and metal vs. bacteria

You guys know that I, the one man blogger-army on TGT, like to learn a lot of stuff. And stuff is enough on the web. Today we’ll learn a couple of things from the medical world namely, that probiotics are good only when you had issues with diarrhea after an antibacterial treatment, and that you […]

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So, it seems that our brains construct hardwired maps made out of neurons to map real maps

Too many map-ing words in the title? Wait for more. The Nobel prize for Medicine was presented on Monday and it was given to three individuals that were able to demonstrate that the brain is creating hardwired maps inside it made of actual neurons. What happens is that the brain will be able to map […]

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Which diets work? low fat and low carb are the same on the long run

Aaron Carroll explains why we should keep our diets for a long time, at least six months if not one year. Also, on the long run low fat diets are the same as low carb diets. So, if you wanna get slim, then you need to keep the fats and card low, have a healthy […]

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