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Anti-theft tags decomposed: how to they work?

Applied Science is a great YouTube channel where you learn about the practical concepts derived from science theories. He uses a ton of devices to explain the science behind things from around us. In the video from above you can see the explanation of how anti-theft tags work. Their workings are based on a phenomenon […]

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How to create the simplest motor in mere minutes

SciShow is a great show about science. A LOT of science. In this Hank Green explains how the elctric motors work and how to build the simplest motor. You need a battery, a screw, a neodymium magnet and a wire. Attach these together and you get a spinning screw, basically a motor. Why a motor? […]

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Levitation through magnetism

You don’t need magic to obtain levitation. Get two magnets, one with a plain shape ie cube and another one in the shape of a spinner. Simply make sure the spinner rotates and stays vertically and you’ll be amazed by the performance. In the video above they need to try this at least a dozen […]

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