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Maddox slaps lifehacks

Another fresh breath from the web. Finally one of the few guys who likes to look a bit more at those lifehacks and check to see if they are good or not. It is not that lifehacks aren’t great, but not all of them are really helpful. Some can be really dangerous, like the one where you put a soda glass bottle into the freezer. That shit can burst and cut your face off. Jesus.

You’re doing everything wrong, every day. Good that Maddox got wind of these lifehacks, but the one with hand drying using a towel does not work. Why? Because you will not see any other type of towel in restaurants besides paper towers. There is a good reason for that: normal towel, when used by people who don’t have clean enough hands, can spread diseases.

So, people and Maddox: shake those hands like crazy and don’t use that many paper towels!

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I like this guy: Maddox

Yep. He’s an internet dinosaur and if he reads this on my blog, he’ll probably find something to make fun of. Really 😛 The fact is that few people are eager to point out shit as he is and when he publishes something new that comes like a much needed cold shower. We should be more critical with the things around us and think more. that’s what Maddox asks us to do.

In this day and age it’s easy to simply eat up anything that comes up in our Facebook stream and not think about anything. Like mindless freaking sheep. And when someone like Maddox comes along and tells you’re neck-deep in shit, you should look closer and get out, not hate that guy.

In any case, you need a wake up call from anyone that is there to give that wake-up call. You can hate Maddox, but you should love him. His grin looks much like one of a sociopath’s, but he hasn’t actually killed any of your kittens. Yet.

Below are three of the things I’d like to point out.
1. Facebook quizzes are stupid

2. I hate Buzzfeed (I may drop Buzzfeed from TGT. Maybe)

3. “Really” isn’t a punchline. He really means it.

I like Maddox because he says what we all should say and in the way we all should say it. Shit won’t smell better if you call it poop.