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Damn those freaking lightnings. Science Asylum explains what the heck they are

Nick Lucid, no, he is not lucid, explains what lightnings are and how do they form. On Science Asylum he has great videos that explain a ton of things from the world around us. Subscribe now and don’t miss any episode. Now, back to lightnings, 90% strike within the clouds or from one cloud to […]

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Lightning on Earth created by the Sun

Who would ever think that the Sun generates lightnings on Earth? Well, given the fact that we get a lot of energy from the Sun, this should not come as a surprise. DNews reports that cosmic rays and solar wind cause lightnings on Earth. An interesting result from this study: The results could prove useful […]

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Lightning caught on tape with 7207 frames per second camera

We watch movies at 26 fps. At 7207 fps the moves are slowed 277 times so that we can see how the lightning evolves and chooses it’s path. From the YouTube description: A negative cloud-to-ground (-CG) flash captured at 7,207 images per second. A negative stepped leader propagates downward from the cloud and connects with […]

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