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Is the Universe made for life? Spoiler: NO!

Nope, the Universe is less than inhospitable: it is outright dangerous, killing every living thing it can. The fact that life evolved in spite of the murderous nature of the Universe tells us something about evolution and life in general, but it does not tell us that the Universe “was made” for life.

Throughout the Universe life exists only in small patches of space and time. On Earth we can only exist on the Earth crust and life exists for about 4 billion years now, just a bit of time compared tot he age of the Universe of 13.4 billion years.

Life exists only in a couple of places where the conditions are just right. Compare living vs non-living matter and you get a percentage way too low to even consider the fact that Universe allows life to exist. We exist in spite of the Universe.


Does the Sun have siblings?

It is believed that yes, the Sun does have siblings, but they’re hard to locate. Some believe one of the siblings is 100 light-years away, in the Hercules constellation. It seems that the Sun came from a group of several hundred stars and then it simply went away.

Since the Sun has a specific combination of elements, it is believed that the siblings should have about the same combination of elements in them. Searching among billions and billions of stars is hard, but the astronomers will likely find many siblings of Sun’s.

Why do we care so much about Sun’s siblings? Since its siblings are about its age we might expect some of them to have planets much like our own. Maybe there is life out there and we may find our galactic relatives.

In any ways, when we will meet the ET we will mark that as the biggest thing in our modern history. Will we be nice to them or vice-versa?

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2 minutes to understand that vaccines save your kid’s life

It is appalling to see the increase of death among people who could’ve been saved if they took those damn vaccines. People don’t even comprehend what the heck they are doing as they prepare the way for a disaster due to refusal of vaccination.

Vaccination is one of the best things that science has done for us, and earlier form of inoculation existed well before cowpox was used as a remedy for smallpox. In ancient times people would sting other people with some form of puss so that the later ones could gain some strength.

People, vaccinate your kids and the ones around you or you’re gonna die.

Via Upworthy.

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Why don’t we live forever? DNA, that is why!

DNews explains why we get old and we die. It has to do with the telomeres, the edges of the chromozomes that are used as a buffer between the chromosomes and other chromozomes. Also, these telomeres shrink as the cells are diving so that, after a given time, those telomeres will vanish and the DNA from those chromosomes is not protected anymore. Changes occur, DNA degrades, aging incurs and then death.

Also, see this video about DNA and aging:

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Do you really know who Nikola Tesla was?

Most probably not. You know of many of his achievements as Oatmeal outlines: alternate current, radar, wireless power recharging, X-rays and many others. We was and will be one of my heroes and a great man.

However, the real Nikola Tesla was a bit different. It is a incomplete image to say that he was a great scientist and not know that he disagreed with Einstein regarding Relativity and that he was kinda racist (fan of eugenics). Does this make his achievements less important. No, however we will not see him is such an ideal way.

An Penn and Teller series explains, the great people we have grown to love and adore were and are humans that act pretty much like everyone and some things from their lives might be upsetting. We need to focus on the raw achievement and use them to further promote science, but we also need to NOT forget that human is human does.

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How long can we live : VSauce explains [video]

V Sauce has some very interesting explanations for various phenomenon and the Universe around us. In this video he explains how long can we live and why we feel time as we feel it.

As time flows by you may feel at 80 years that the middle of your life was, in fact, the twenties. There is a good explanation for that. Also, did you know that there are animals that do not die or that a tree form Utah, named Pando, is 80 000 years old?

Do not forget to subscribe to V Sauce and see below his videos all the links filled with information. This guy is amazing!

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You love procrastination, don’t you? See here why [video]

Procrastination. It is the devil from our mind that tricks us that what we WANT to do is better than what we SHOULD do and, thus, we are leaving activities behind. It is damn easy today to get distracted and to find excuses for our failures.

Maybe we shouldn’t search anymore for excuses, for “but’s”, for “I don’t know’s” and so on. You know why you are not living your dream? Say what?! You live your dream? Then just don’t read further: it is not for you. For us, the other ones, we are not living our dream because we search for excuses and procrastinate when it comes to do what’s RIGHT or what we SHOULD do.

And guess what? The search for excuses is always successful. And procrastination helps a LOT in undermining and hindering the only person that could truly help us: our very own person, WE. So, you may want to do something about this. The following video is a book trailer for David McRaney’s book, YOU are NOT so SMART.

A short and insightful video. Tell me your thoughts in comment section. What’s stopping you from living your dream? Via [Geeksaresexy].