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Fun: a walking steampunk ship made from legos

This Lego walking steampunk ship is truly amazing. The walker was built based on the Stranbeest model. It is made of legos that are actuated by two tiny AC motors and it can be steered via a IR remote control. It walks sideways or it can rotate. If you had such a big ship with […]

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Oldies, but goodies: RoboChess with 100 000 LEGO pieces

In 2010 Steve Hassenplug lead a team that created the robochess you see in the video above. Using LEGO MINDSTORMS for each piece they used, in fact, around 100 000 LEGO pieces to create the whole thing in a year (the board, the robot bases, bodies, mosaics ). On a board that is 156ft2 (14.5m2) […]

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Epic Lego build up – full size Ford Explorer

Andi Smith posted on Google+ an interesting movie about an epic lego construction. Yep, a full size Ford Explorer got to life with 380 000 lego bricks. It seems that some guys never get enough of lego. I don’t really get why people like them so much, but let me tell ya the stop motion […]

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