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Google AdSense leak: transparency issue?

Mundane Matt explains in the video from above that while it is hard to know exactly how the clicks and the revenue are calculated in Google AdSense, meaning that a lack of transparency is still ongoing in this programme, there does not seem to be any clear evidence that the Adsense team would outright steal publisher’s money.

I use AdSense too and it seems pretty decent for the small number of views I get and I do not have any suspicions about it. Some claim that the leaks are actually a way to force publishers into doing a class action lawsuit and that the leaker is actually some disgruntled publisher who may have been banned form AdSense.

Currently we do not have any evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of AdSense and a law suit, as Matt puts it, would force Google to open up a bit more and let us all know how do they calculate revenue for the publishers. I am still small so I cannot say if Google has ripped me off of some money. What do you think of this AdSense supposed leak?