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Mental floss presents 29 strange museums

As always, John Green, from Mental Floss, presents a list of the most interesting things that you need to know of. This time he presents a list of 29 weird museums. don’t ask about number 29. it’s pretty random, I guess. Here are my favorite weird museums from this list: – Museum of PEZ Momorabilia, […]

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Stuff our body creates in a year and 10 myths busted by BuzzFeed

In a year the human body grows 6 inches, 1.5 inches of nails, 8.8 lbs of skin, 22 gallons of tears, 60 gallons of sweat, 96 gallons of saliva and 130 gallons of urine. That is something. And a human creates about 360 lbs of poop each year. BuzzFedd has some great videos and it […]

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