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John Oliver slaps Dr. Oz for, well, because Oz is a shitty guy who would sell his own mother as miracle powder?

I said that Dr. Oz would sell his own mother as miracle powder, not John Oliver. Oz seems to have a ton of access to miracle cures that even he recognizes, did not pass the science test. It does not matter, they are miracle cures. Those are simply lies. Who the fuck needs science when […]

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Hilarious interview with John Oliver and Stephen Hawking

John Oliver, the life and soul of Last Week Tonight‘s show, had an hilarious interview with Stephen Hawking in the first episode of the installment called People Who Think Good. John Oliver had a series of questions and the scenes are very well orchestrated so that you get the most fun out of it. I […]

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John Oliver (HBO) about Net Neutrality: big companies are doing mob shakedowns

John Oliver explains the controversy about net neutrality and lets viewers know how they can voice their displeasure to the FCC. You can send your mighty trolling comments to the FCC here. As usual, the big companies want to rip-off customers and partners, especially start-ups, by wanting to apply different rules based on content type […]

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