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Special Keyboard lets you type just by touching the Beer Cans

Called Beer Can Keyboard, this awesome piece of work uses Ardruino to send signals from the beer cans to any computer. It does not use any buttons, instead it uses the capacitive technology, much like the the touchscreens from the smartphones. It was created by Robofun. Details here.

You do not need to press it, you only need to touch it. It was showcased on 29th September 2012, at Webstock 2012 Social Media Conference in Bucharest (Romania), where I was invited as blogger. In the video you can see how people insert their emails to be subscribed in a contest. I used my email too and hope to win a trip outside Romania, to Prague.


See Photoplayer in action: how silent movies gained a voice [video]

In the old times of silent movies you needed to add some music and sounds to make things more exciting. And how did they do this? Using the Photoplayer, a complex machine that creates a lot of sounds and it only needs one skilled player for it. Simply awesome!

Via [Neatorama].


Write your memories when it rains with Rite In The Rain- waterproof paper

If you ever go on a boat trip then you gotta take Rite In The Rain with you. It is a water proof paper that can be recycled and it is environmental friendly.

If you write messages with a pen and it rains. then there is not fun involved. If they had Rite In The Rain on Titanic then surely we would have gotten many more messages from that era. RITR (Rite In The Rain) costs anywhere between $5 and $60. You can see the lists of shops here. Find one near you.

I have see this invention first time on Vsauce. Support him by buying his t-shirts. Awesome information in an awesome YouTube channel.


Sugru allows you to repair and improve almost anything [invention]

Sugru is the new wonderkid in the block. It is an air-curing rubber based on Silicon that can be used to repair household items, it sticks on many surfaces, waterproof, easy to remove and it is stable at high or low temperatures.

It is sold in packs of 8 packets that cost together about $18. You can select between black, black and white or colored packets. Great invention and just the right time to be deployed.

I read about the story Jane ni Dhulchaointigh, the fine artist who became materials scientist and invented Sugru, and learned one thing: when you find something worth doing, don’t stop at creating financial plans. simply let the ball rolling, go forward and you’ll see the great things it will evolve into. Amazing people, amazing Sugru. Via [TechCrunch].


SurfaceScreen – Awesome Hidrophobic Coating Already On Sale [always dry]

If you’ve been waiting for a hydrophobic coating to keep your clothing always dry and stain free then SurfaceScreeen, a company from Australia, is already delivering this product for only $39.95.

For now they have for textile and leather, but in the near future they will roll out for metal and wooden surfaces. This water based repelling solution can be used on clothes, shoes, carpets, leather, car interiors and other synthetic fibers.

If you ask: no, oil or food won’t stick to your clothes. Gone are the days I couldn’t go to a restaurant in white clothes. For it to work you need to apply it evenly, wait for 24 hours and then use it for 6 months before needing to reapply the coating. So, lazy is, hydrophobic gets. Finally we go into the future with this!


Years – use a pickup to hear the tone of trees

YEARS from Bartholomäus Traubeck on Vimeo.

You never thought that the trees ahve their own music, right? Years, the project from Bartholomäus Traubeck, uses a pickup and some treee slices to convert the tree rings into music. Quite nice. Via [].


Light just got caught with a one trillion frames per second camera

Enter femto cameras. They can film at one trillion frames per second. That means that they can catch on film something that is a million times faster than a bullet: light. Yep, you heard it. Researchers at MIT Media Lab postdoc Andreas Velten and his colleagues, professor Ramesh Raskar and Moungi Bawendi, chemistry professor, used a streak camera to film 1D movies of light travelling through a plastic bottle full of water.

Interesting thing is that light is very much fluid. After they film a 1D video they repeat many times the experiemnt and create new 1D movies. After all this the streak camrea combines all those lines of movie into a 2D normal video that we can see. You can read the explanations on the project page.

could this be really true? It seems that yes, we’ve beaten sci-fi movies and we’ve done this without even being able to properly walk on the Moon. Discovery News has an excerpt of this experiment and MIT News shows some other details as well.

The New York Times showed them selves impressed by this incredible feat and BBC could not stay away. Me neither and none of us can. Star Trek get ready. We’ve caught the light and we will do more awesome things. Via [].


Awesome privacy monitor and the wonder of polarized glasses [video]

Instructable’s user Dimovi has done an awesome LCD monitor hack to create the ultimate privacy display. Everyone can do this. Really, the tutorial is dead simple and what you want to do is to take out the polarized film from the monitor.

this way you will see only a blank display, but if you use the polarized film outside the images are crisp clear. You will need o create some special glasses by cutting that film and adding it to the glasses. This way only you can see what that monitor show. This is freaking great. Thanks [OctiZip].

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MechCrawlers conquering the World – 24 motor legged skateboard is jaw dropping cool [video]

I know that this project is at least one year old, but it is just awesome. They have made an updated version of Land Crawler eXXtreme, a 24 legged motored skateboard. This jaw dropping device is made by Vagabond Works, a group of tech enthusiasts that used the mechanism of Theo Jansen, a dutch artist, to create this interesting… mechcrawler you can ride.

It can carry a human and move it around by only tilting a bit one way or the other. This will be on my wish list to Santa Claus as of… now! Thanks Daniel for sending this over to me.

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Superhydrophobic coating brings nanotech in our houses [technology]

NeverWet is a superhydrophobic nanotech coating created by Ross Technology Corp that repels any kind of wet material from the surfaces it has been applied on. More than that, if you cover an iPhone in this coating and put it in a water tank the phone will simply work unhindered.

[UPDATE: 30 November 2011]NeverWet will be available from mid 2012. Details here.
[UPDATE: 25 June 2013]Neverwet is finally here. Click for details.

Well, that is a thing I REALLY want to have in my house. Can you imagine clothing that never needs washing, tables that can be cleaned pretty easy and electronics that can be used even in water? That time has come. I am curious to know how much this thing costs and when will we be able to have it. Thanks Gizmodo for sharing.