Did you even see all the human blood vessels just like that?

If not, then you will see them now. The human body has about 60 000 miles of blood vessels. The blood vessels are arteries, veins and capillaries.

Three things to note:
1. arteries carry the blood from the heart to the body (they are hidden deeper inside the body)
2. capillaries connect the arteries with the veins
3. veins bring blood back from the body to the heart (they can even be seen at surface skin)

Of course, blood circulation is way more complex, but you get the idea. Here you can see more about how the heart works and how the blood flows though you:

Here is the image with the blood vessels via ASAP Science and @SciencePorn:


Science Fun: some images to make you laugh

via Mr. C

via ASAP Science.

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Why space photography is so awesome [documentary]

Those space images are truly awesome. I always asked myself how do they create such imagery and if those were real images. It turn out that yes, those are the true images if you were located right next to those cosmic objects.

Now, why don’t we see them with the naked eye in such beautiful colors? Because some of the light that travels to us from thousands of millions light years away has shifted into the infrared spectrum, making it invisible to our eyes. Like a Romanian saying says “the eyes that you don’t see are forgotten” the same happens here: very long distances lead to the image of the cosmic object reaching us being sorta distorted and stripped from important details.

This is why space photography combines sometimes IR imagery with optic images and then they obtain such great space images. Fr more great space images check out SpacePorn on Reddit. Have fun!


Infographic: Santa vs Iron Man vs Batman – Santa wins!

Why does Santa win in the infographic form below? Well, because he has an unmeasurable net worth and uses a transdimensional sack to carry items with him. And yes, he uses nine reindeers as engine and the fuel is… carrots. And the speed he can achieve is 2.2 times the speed of light.

The infographic from below, where you can see why Iron Man and Batman cannot fight the awesomeness of Santa, was created by Fancy Dress Costumes Uk. Merry X-mas everyone!