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This is how you can break your brain

Tom Scott explains how you can break your brain. By looking at least 15 seconds to the green-red stripes on the screen you can trick your brain into thinking that red is green and viceversa.

This is an interesting, albeit extremely dangerous, thing to do. Nonetheless, you now know that you can trick your brain into switching colors in your mind. And don’t do it, ok?

Via Science Dump.

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Some illusions for za week-end

Having a crazy time right now. with 2 jobs and some side projects I don’t really get to even sleep as much. Ok, I admit, one of the jobs is blogging as I write on three blogs:, and Sometimes it can be too much with 5-10 blog posts a day so, I’ll take a leave of absence now and then.

Have fun with the above illusions. Most explanations revolve around the fact that the brain does not really understand what happens in certain situations and then tries to build it’s own version of reality. Even though the eyes see what they should, the brain rewires the information so that it will show us another world. Neat, eh?

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Vsauce explains illusions

Illusions, mostly optical illusions, are either generated by our brain or by the natural phenomena that occur under some circumstances. The illusions caused by our brains are created because the brain tries to compensate for a given situation/information that it does not understand.

Lots of times, optical illusions generated by our brain are also rooted in the culture we live in. The bushmen might not see an illusion where we see one.

The illusions generated by the nature can have something to do with how the light bends when it passes from hot air to cold air where such currents meet. This way you may see a boat floating above the sea water or you may not even see the boat at all.

Vsauce, thanks again for the explanations.