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How does salt melt ice?

Well it ain’t. It does not melt ice. Salt is just moving the melting point below 0 degrees Celsius and thus you will see water becoming liquid when salt comes into play. The way ice make water liquid is by injecting the sodium and chlorine ions between the water molecules in the ice breaking it […]

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How to make water instantly freeze. Tips and tricks from King of Random

In the video from above King of Random shows how he obtained a bottle of water that can be instantly turned into ice when it receives a nudge. For this you need to use purified water, put it in the freezer at -15 degrees Celsius and then wait for 2 hours. After this you will […]

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Hot Nickel Ball on ice? What could go wrong?

YouTuber carsandwater does some interesting experiments form time to time and you can stare at the videos for minutes wondering how those experiments work. If you drop a hot Nickel ball on ice it will just cut through the ice faster that you would think it would. It manages to go through half way of […]

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