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How to Make a Matchbox Microphone

Have you ever thought of creating a microphone? For this you need a matchbox and pencil leads. Also need a battery, some wires and clips, and a pair of headphones or a speaker.

This is a simple experiment that you can do at home and prove the concept of sending sounds through electrical wires to a speaker. I never thought it would be that easy to create a microphone. Have fun!

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How to save yourself when choking

If you even choke on something you need to, somehow, push the air back, out of you so that the object you’re choking on can be released outwards. In order to save yourself when choking you need sit on the ground on your knees and on your firsts, like in a push-up position, but when you kneel. Then simply let yourself fall to the ground to make pressure in those lungs and push the foreign object out of you.

It may hurt, but it will save your life.

Via ScienceDump.

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BuzzFeed: 7 tricks to do in regards to your camera

BuzzFeed, seo pun intended here, does not always have a great list or a great video, but from time to time they do get something right, like in the video from above. The string tripod, the cup tripod or how to build a light box are a couple of things I didn’t thought about doing, but they are good to know.

At the eshop I’m working, Reeija, we had a hard time finding a good photographer and for a while we wanted to buy or build our own light box. Didn’t occurred to us that it was that easy t do it. For this BuzzFeed has my props 😀

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How do holograms work – this video explains how to make one

Make Magazine explains very easy what holograms are and how you can build your own. It only takes basic knowledge of how to read instructions and following them to the letter. For this you will need a laser, an LED, “Instant Hologram” Film Plates and some other things outlined in the DIY Hologram Kit.

If you like to read more about holograms and the science behind them do not hesitate to check the article over at HowStuffWorks about holograms.