A very short history of Korea

I didn’t really knew that North Korea and South Korea are still at war with each other and that the truce from the 50ties keeps them in a war-ready state. In any case, you can see that N Korea does not have a good like under communism and that S Korea is at the forefront of the tech world.

The Koreans were independent from 668 AD, Silla Dynasty, until in 1910 Japan invaded them. In 1945 Japan was defeated and they were sent home. What was left of Korea was divided into two countries, the northern part becoming a communist state with Kim Il Sung as leader and the southern part becoming a democracy under Syngman Rhee, creating a divide at the 38th parallel.

In 1948 the leaders of both Korean parts declared jurisdiction over the entire country and in 1950 North Korea attacks South. In 1953 an armistice is signed and that armistice still holds today keeping both countries ready for war.