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Internet firsts: see 12 of them now

The guys at Anyhoo have created a list of 12 historical events in the world of the internet. You can learn who invented the internet and read about few of these 12 internet first:
1971, first email – sent by Ray Tomlinson and contained the text QWERTYUIOP
1978, first spam email – sent by Gary Turk trying to sell computers
1985, first registered domain –
1987, first animated GIF – created by CompuServe and was about a flying airplane
1989, first search engine – created by a Canadian student and it was called Archie
1992, first image uploaded to the internet – the image of The Horrible Cernettes, a group of female scientists working at CERN and singing in their spare time
19… hold on. The rest can be seen in the video from above.