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What’s the difference between mass and energy?

Nick, from Science Asylum, explains the difference between mass and energy. There is none. Mass is energy compressed in a given space. Most of the weight of a subatomic particle in the nucleus comes from the nuclear strong forces inside the protons and neutrons, not from the particles themselves, like gluons or quarks. Neat, eh? […]

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How real is the Higgs Bosson?

Nick, from Science Asylum, explains that most of the mass of an atom doesn’t come from the electrons of from the quarks, the particles that create neutrons and proton, but it comes from the energy that binds those particles together. Nick does not agree with the premise of a Higgs Field that gives objects mass […]

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Higgs Boson: how do we calculate its mass

It turns out that the Higgs Boson is really an allusive particle which is 125 times more massive than the protons. The actual calculations of the mass of the Higgs Bosson are quite complicated, but the principle is outlined in the video above, where Dr. Don Lincoln , from Fermilab, explains how it is that […]

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