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Could Godzilla exist?

Based on the research done by Vsauce 3 not, but it is an interesting exercise of thought. Godzilla is about 108 meters tall, by far the largest monster ever envisioned, and weighs 90 000 tons. Could Godzilla exist? It would need 250 million calories a day to live and it would need to eat about […]

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Movies: facts about Godzilla. Bonus: Godzilla movie trailer

BuzzFeed helps us know more about Godzilla, the much waited movie of 2014. Seen the video trailer here? It’s awesome. Now, let’s learn a couple of things about Godzilla: – the original Godzilla costume weighted 200lbs and was 6.5 feet tall – originally Godzilla should have been a giant octopus – the original name was […]

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