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13 misconceptions about global warming

Derek Muller tells us about 13 misconceptions about global warming. Since climate change is a big subject to speak of and it is hard to understand, it may suffice to say that the way our industries worked in the last 200 years have put a great toll on our atmosphere, namely we have spewed out a lot of CO2 and other toxic gases in the air.

This will lead to the atmosphere trapping more and more heat in the air, which leads to more ice melting from the polar areas. Then that leads to floods, a ton of habitats being destroyed, and many species being endangered. Global warming could also lead to more clouds in the sky which may block much of the sun light, which, in turn, can lead to cooler temperatures than we’d expect.

Usually the changes would not be that big to destroy humanity, but they would be enough to change the geographic landscape in many areas due to flooding and it would be dangerous for many species of animals. We need to care for those too.