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Crash Course games: what is a game? Bonus: Mass Effect Geth Pulse Rifle

I know everyone waited for this. Since last week we can follow a new Crash Course about Games. Some of us don’t only play games, but also want to get into the stories, mechanics, logic of those games. Even the simplest games, a plain old shooter has a great history behind it and a ton of elements we could talk about.

What is a game? At its core is an activity which entertains and from then on we can see that games are even sports, video games, card games and so on. Andre Meadows will go through the game history and logic for about 15- 20 episodes. Have fun.

Bonus: how big would actually be a real-life Geth pulse rifle from Mass Effect? I’ve played all the three games ME1-3 and it is a totally different animal to see the weapons created. At least their replicas. This replica costs bout $1000 and it is badass: