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What is GMO

Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO are not a bad thing. You usually take some genes from a plant and then insert them in another plant. This way the new plant will be able to grow stronger and more resistant to conditions like water shortages or certain bug attacks. GMOs are a solution for the increasing […]

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Should you fear GMOs? Nope.

Health Triage explains us what GMOs are and why they are good for us. GMOs are genetically modified organisms or, in older words, plants and animals specially treated to be stronger and last longer. We’ve been doing such genetic alterations throughout out entire human history by making sure we only used crops that were best […]

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GMO – genetically modified organism are good for us?

GMO or genetically modified organisms are (usually) plants that received a part of DNA from another plant (usually) in order to increase some of the characteristics like drought survival, better fruits, more proteins and so on. Let me start by saying that I do think this is a filed we should explore and I would […]

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