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And again: what do geek and nerd mean?

Awhile ago i wrote about the distinction between geek and nerd: a nerd is a guy who is passionate about a subject and he is working in that field already, while a geek is only a fan of that subject.

In the video from above you can see that the origins of the word “geek” go way back into the 30s, where geek would mean a freak, a guy who works in a circus and does a ton of stunts. Later on geek meant an anti-social guy and now geeks are popular guys who are fans of science, IT and so on.

Nerd, or knurd, on the other hand was a term coined in 1950, in the Book “I ran the zoo”, from Dr. Seuss, referring to what would be put in a zoo. Nerd or nert, a word which may have originated from nuts as in “nerts”, meant stupid or crazy person.

A nerd is more like an academia guy nowadays, whereas a geek is someone who enjoys and is a fan of a given work field. Both are seen as passionate about their domain of interest, however geeks are more poplar and nerds are more an anti-social type.

Now you know what a geek is and what a nerd is. Now go geek out or nerd out about something that you like.

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Do you really know who Nikola Tesla was?

Most probably not. You know of many of his achievements as Oatmeal outlines: alternate current, radar, wireless power recharging, X-rays and many others. We was and will be one of my heroes and a great man.

However, the real Nikola Tesla was a bit different. It is a incomplete image to say that he was a great scientist and not know that he disagreed with Einstein regarding Relativity and that he was kinda racist (fan of eugenics). Does this make his achievements less important. No, however we will not see him is such an ideal way.

An Penn and Teller series explains, the great people we have grown to love and adore were and are humans that act pretty much like everyone and some things from their lives might be upsetting. We need to focus on the raw achievement and use them to further promote science, but we also need to NOT forget that human is human does.

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Head Squeeze: what is the difference between a geek and a nerd?

When I created TehGeekTive I had the geeks in mind, the ones who are passionate about a theme and they were loving it, being some of the greatest fans. Of course, that theme is science and technology and with a bit of extra’s like jet fighters hitting Mach 1+ near a beach os some dubstep video.

Hannah Fry, a nerd by definitions, explains in this Number Hub episode the difference between geeks and nerds:
1. people like to be called a geek, not a nerd – something that has to do with popularity. Geeks are popular and are seen as smarter and at the cutting edge of a domain of interest, while nerds don’t like to be in the spotlight and very smart, knowledgeable and committed. You can’t fake being a nerd, but you can show off as a geek. Geeks speak about magic, nerds do it.
2. geeks stand out from the crowd, while nerds are conventional squares- nerds are dull, boring, the guys that won’t go out and party in college, while geeks, originally known as freaks, attract attentions to themselves.
3. geeks are fans of their subject, but nerds are practitioners – geeks are associated with words like Apple, Linux, box set, trendy, shiny and nerds with words like intellectual, smarty pants, neuroscience, education, mathematics, data, analytics.

Watch out, that tlast points conclusion was drawn from a study which analyzed 2.6 million tweets.

So yeah, I am a geek, fan of a subject, with some traces of nerdom, of course.

A word about the etymology of the words geek and nerd, from Head Squeeze:

As ever, clues lie in the etymology of the words themselves. Nerd is said to be derived from either Northern Electrical Research and Development, or drunk spelled backwards. The former was obviously a employer of Nerds, whereas students at MIT came up with nerd to describe their classmates who definitely weren’t partaking in their pastime of choice. Meanwhile Geek is an old word that came about during 19th century circus human freakshow acts

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Learn more about Hank Green, from SciShow, one of my favourite geeks

Hank Green, from SciShow and CrashCourse, and probably a gazillion other educational geeky channels, is one of my favourite geeks, in the same line as Vsauce, Minute Physiucs, ASAP Science, CGP Grey, Head Squeeze and many others.

He had a tough life in school, like many geeks, and now he is an internet superstar. The guys that bullied or made fun of him because we is a geek surely regret their actions now. And they better be because geeks changed the world. Remember Bill Gates or any other guys like him?

In the interview from above Hank Green told The Good Stuff that he is also a big fan of the mongol history. Why? Because Genghis Han protected the intelectuals and used them to construct better weapons and tech. Being geek was surely a great thing by that time and now too.

On the geeky side The Good Stuff explains how you can fight with some scifi&fansasy cliche’s of all times: alien invasion, wizards, magic amulets and being in a virtual world.


Star Trek Chart: names and roles in the movie series


Star Trek remains one of the most accurate sci-fi movies ever. The creators learned where the physics of that day was and then thought of plausible futures. Most of the sci-fi movies from the last years are an insult to the genre – see Prometheus. My favorite character is, of course, Data. See the Star Trek chart here.

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Make it stop: will eat up all your time


The Useless Web is a simple website that sends you to random websites around the web. Those sites have the only goal to entertain you in any way they can. Usually they do only one thing: form answering if your computer is ON to replaying catchy songs like this one until you get hooked and you cannot escape from them.

I went though the entire list and found a couple of nice ones and shared them to my friends. Examples: Is My Computer On, Staggering Beauty and Leek Spin. Have fun!

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BaZnGa – Sheldon sends his “bazinga” to the entire world

baznga-bazinga. sheldon-the-big-bang-theory-t-shirt

Geeks Are Sexy is one of my favorite geek and science blogs and I really loved this image. It is about a T-Shirt you can buy and you even get a discount if you use the promo code “geeksaresexy”. Barium+Zinc+Gallium = bazinga. Sheldon, from The Big Bang Theory, sends his regards.

Below are the promo messages I copied over from GaS. Wear those T-shirts with pride, geeks.

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The circle song or how mathemusicians hate Pi

ViHart is in love with Tau. If she marries Tau it won’t be any wonder. Tau is equal to 2*Pi and, if you want to work with trygonometry and radians then Tau seems a more logical unit since Tau would be afull circle, half of circle would be Tau/2 and so on.

Easy math and even easier to learn. Si, why do we still learn about Pi? Because Pi is ubiquitous and because the school system is built to use it. No one want to change things fromt he well established rule of Pi. Yet, there were some books written to support Tau and even ViHart has made a video of why Pi is wrong. Interesting watch.

So, why didn’t I catch a passion for math in college? Because it was damn boring, that’s why.

And, if you want to see all the science and geekyness from YouTube in only one place, then just watch the video from below. Our favorite science guys and gals are there: Vsauce, ViHart, John Green, MinutePhysics, CGPGrey, SixtySymbols, Smarter Every Day. I follow most of them and I don’t regret it. They ahve met in Canada for BrainSTEM, a conference of science YouTubers, instigated by Henry of MinutePhysics. Yay!