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Damn hilarious geek rap: RAM in the boot sector, by Dedope

StoragePipe kicks-butt with this music video. You may make this you favorite song about computer repair and I know a lot of us have met the people this song talkes about. And yes, it’s right on the spot.

The guys at Geekaresexy love it also and shared it. Thanks! Be ready for the gangsta IT department to kick in and rule you Comp-Town.

Best phrase from the song: “You don’t have a MAC ADDRESS cuz you got WINDOWS!” Simply awesome.

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Best geek rap music video ever – Java Life

Who said that geek is the new sexy knew what the Geekdom would bring upon us. Yes, in this time and era geeks fight back and they do it with style. Think that Zuckerberg has something to do with this, or not?

Since last year I saw that this type of music videos found their own place in the geek culture and Java had a few other nice YouTube clips too. Created for JavaOne 2011 the following geekrap simply kicks-ass and bring the coders int za first line.

Enjoy homies and welcome to ma crib 😀 !Via [GeeksAreSexy].