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Car destroyer simulator: whatch these cars get smashed to pieces in this simulator

If you like to see cars getting smashed and explosions, then you will have a field trip with the videos from Destruction Nation. They are adding realistic models in their simulator and then try to see how these cars behave in collision situations.

Of course, it is not exactly as in real life, but the effect is good enough for games or even for action movies. As you can see i the video from above, sometimes the engine falls off, othertimes the car bursts in fire or simply gets ripped apart.

Have a good 10 minutes of fun.

Via Interesting Engineering.

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Yay, Nvidia hits the video games market with GTX 1080

It isn’t about the fact that it has twice the performance of Titan X, but the price is way lower than that of Titan X. Titan X is around 1000USD but GTX 1080 is aroun 600-700 USD. Given the performance, I’d say it is a big leap. HotHardware made a review and also presents the full specs of GTX 1080 and it seems that it is the best thing in the market right now.

Extreme Tech has also a very positive review of the video card.

Given the performance and price, I’d say that my dream gaming pc will or might use an Nvidia card now.

The YouTube reviewers out there all say, in one voice, that this card is za best.


Paul’s Hardware:

JayszTwoCents again:

What do you about this awesome card?

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Crash Course games: what is a game? Bonus: Mass Effect Geth Pulse Rifle

I know everyone waited for this. Since last week we can follow a new Crash Course about Games. Some of us don’t only play games, but also want to get into the stories, mechanics, logic of those games. Even the simplest games, a plain old shooter has a great history behind it and a ton of elements we could talk about.

What is a game? At its core is an activity which entertains and from then on we can see that games are even sports, video games, card games and so on. Andre Meadows will go through the game history and logic for about 15- 20 episodes. Have fun.

Bonus: how big would actually be a real-life Geth pulse rifle from Mass Effect? I’ve played all the three games ME1-3 and it is a totally different animal to see the weapons created. At least their replicas. This replica costs bout $1000 and it is badass:

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Pogo has a new mix: Psycho Soup to celebrate the release of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

I’ve played Borderlands the first game and it was something new. Of course, it may seem like a crazy thing to have hundreds of weapons and upgrades, but you can manage this in the first few hours of gameplay. Borderlands is still a great game and it does not violate your brain visually. I found it relaxing playng this game.

Now, Pogo, the guy that makes a ton of great music video mixes, has created the Psycho Soup, a mix with pieces from Borderlands. Two great things in one package. Yay.

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Is the FPS dying or evolving? I like it the way it is. Thanks!

Many would say that the FPS genre is falling, but not me. I likes the shooter games since day one and still like them, more than 11 years since I’ve played these games.

I don’t care about the actual action: point-shoot. What I care about are plots, scenery, new bombs and weapons, characters, best damn graphics you can get, use vehicles and open worlds, put me into a new reality and let me fight through it.

FPS are not what they are (great games) because they let us shoot things, but because they let us shoot things with style. There’s not bigger grace then punishing you NPC opponent with a grenade int he face and there is no bigger satisfaction then blowing up whole bases of foreign armies. You can’t beat that.

FPS are mindless guys who like to shoot? Yes, in a certain way. Boys, because they will play mostly these games, are a more violent breed and in the games they can let out a bit of that violence and competitive. Games are fun and FPS especially, won’t go away for a long time.

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LOL, games journalists hate gamers?

Good to know that Matt spoke about this situation. Game journalists hating gamers is like bike reviewers hating the bikers and so on. What do those games have to do with hating? And, of course, why are gamers the target of such attacks?

I do not agree with Matt’s premise that if you tell a guy that he is bad, like the bloody feminists are saying about “sexist” games, then that guy will become bad. It all depends on what you’re made of, if you’re congruent with your self and so on. So, no matter how much the so called feminists are saying that gamers are bad people, the gamers will do what they have always done: play those freaking games. That is all that counts.

I mean, it doesn’t matter is the feminists are calling gamers sexist and what not, you know a thing: they don’t like it, then they shouldn’t play it or watch it or whatever.

As for the games journalists, if they have never played any game, then they should do something else. Games are art, entertainment, fun, a way to spend great time, so shut up.


Cosplay, short for costume play, a part of pop-culture

Cosplay is short for costume play and it is regarded as a way to freely express one self through very well crafted costumes. Cosplay would allow the geeks to unite with the hero embodied in the costume and also gather some praises from friends and fans alike.

This movement, be it a Halloween-like or costume ball-like activity, is a part of the life of many geeks from around the world, but especially from USA. You got a dozen conventions in USA where cosplayers meet and show off their costumes. And some of them are pretty nice ones, you got to admit.

PBS made the short documentary from above and helped me understand its role in modern pop-culture. Cosplay is not a way to simply show-off, it is a regular event, a way in which fans re-unite and praise their heroes. While I would not see any big differences between cosplay and, say, religion I must admit that i’d like to hang you with cosplayers than in some religious activity.

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30 less known things about video games

Mental Floss has created another great educational video: it teaches us about 30 game changing video games. Nowadays 3D video games show incredibly vivid imagery and awesome physics. You can’t beat a shooter game that allows you to destroy buildings around you 😀

Now, some of the less knows things in regards to the video games (I’m particularly fond of pc games, especially shooters):
– first video game was created in 1940
– Spacewar (1962) was the first game on computer that became popular
– Pong, played on the TV, was very popular by 1975 and video games became a cultural staple
– in 2001 GTA III put sandbox gameplay on the map
– Tetris is the most ported game, available on 65 devices
– Wii Sports was a major innovator because it was incorporating player movements with the game itself

Check more in the video above.

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Vsauce explains: why do we play games?

Vsauce is at it again. He investigates the human nature and tries to explain why do we play games and what are those games in fact. As always, he does a great job in going through different science disciplines in explaining that we play games because we don’t immediately feel the sense of fulfillment while playing the biggest game of them all: life.

Truly, games offer a sense of refreshment because you get to achieve a goal that is easier to be seen and gives one the impression that they are closer to reach the overall goal of life which, in many cases, is a mystery to us all. Another great video from Vsause waits to be seen by your, guys!

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Pumpktris – interesting hybrid from tetris game and a pumpkin

Pumptris is a DIY tetris console where the game case is, in fact, a pumpkin. 128 LEDs, 256 pieces of heat-shrink tubing, 313 solder joints, around twelve hours of work over a week and a half and 9800-point high score so far. Natahan, the creator or pumptris has had a great deal of patience with this, that is sure. What do you think about this piece of DIY work?

Via [Vsauce 3].