End 2014 with a big… bang

Yep, some guys know what fun means and thus they blew up a broken truck in an area where nobody is allowed to go into: an explosives test area. They simply rigged a truck with explosives and then filmed it form a host of different angles.

Fun to watch, but scary to see.

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Watch these incredible animated optical illusions by Brusspup

Brusspup is the master of optical illusions on YouTube. Many videos will show you how the brain is tricked in numerous ways.

In this case you can see how two sliding sheets will generate the illusion of movement. Much the same as with early cartoons where you saw a ton of still images on a drum and, when moved fast enough, you would see some movement.

You can also have those sliding images at home. To download and print them check the video description from here.


Science Fun: some images to make you laugh

via Mr. C

via ASAP Science.

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Quirkology: 10 new tricks to keep your friends in awe

Quirkology has nice tricks to teach us. We can make the day way better if we learn those tricks. For example if you use only one thumbtack you can blow up a balloon, but if you put around 20 thumbtacks near each other and then a balloon on top of them, the balloon won’t pop.

Another fun trick is to lift the table using a glass, a piece of paper and then water, plus a light match. Simple as that!

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What does ethanol say? Let’s party!

I found the graphic from below on ASAP Science Facebook page and I had to share it. The image was created by NeatoShop.

So, what does ethanol say? Let’s party. Some comments on the ASAP page are hilarious: “Omg carbon is such a slut.” LOL.


Amaze your friends with these new 10 bets from Quirkology

Richard Wiseman, from Quirkology, teaches us 10 new tricks we can do when we go out with our friends. The 10 GBP bill trick, the black and white disc trick and missing square problem sound like the greatest hits at a beer table someday.

Maybe I’ll try them out to test my Jedi skills :d

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Scishow outtakes remix. Have fun!

SciShow explains a lot of science things, but they also have a lot of fun. In the mix from above you will see the fun at work. Have fun with science!

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Some illusions for za week-end

Having a crazy time right now. with 2 jobs and some side projects I don’t really get to even sleep as much. Ok, I admit, one of the jobs is blogging as I write on three blogs:, and Sometimes it can be too much with 5-10 blog posts a day so, I’ll take a leave of absence now and then.

Have fun with the above illusions. Most explanations revolve around the fact that the brain does not really understand what happens in certain situations and then tries to build it’s own version of reality. Even though the eyes see what they should, the brain rewires the information so that it will show us another world. Neat, eh?

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Crazy stunts: balloon highline

The Balloon Highline. from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

You heard about skylines? Well, now you got balloon highlines. Some guys tried to cross between two balloons while flying over the clouds. They had parachutes so that made the whole thing more fun and less tense. In any case, only few get a once in a lifetime chance to do stuff like this. Crazy, if you ask me!

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Friday fun with Quirkology: 10 party stunts

How can you make an egg shell dance on the edge of a plate? How can you keep a cup floating? Or a dvd case? Quirkology shows these and also: make a fork stick magically to your hand, move a napkin using an invisible thread and also make a human float in the air.

Having fun yet? Quirkology has more.