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Why bigger refresh rates are better for video games

Tech Quickie explains, once again, why bigger refresh rates are better for video games. For movies you can be satisfied by 24fps or 30 or the sort, but for video games, where explosions, bullets and sometimes people parts fly away like crazy you need a huge amount of refresh rates, at least 60Hz or 120Hz. […]

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Is the FPS dying or evolving? I like it the way it is. Thanks!

Many would say that the FPS genre is falling, but not me. I likes the shooter games since day one and still like them, more than 11 years since I’ve played these games. I don’t care about the actual action: point-shoot. What I care about are plots, scenery, new bombs and weapons, characters, best damn […]

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Alien worlds: see a match head burning at 4000 fps

UtraSlo is a channel where you can see things happening at ultra slo-mo speeds. At 4000 fps you will actually spend about 153 seconds to watch a 1 second burn or explosion. The match head burns completely in just over 1 second and thus you will be able to watch more than 2 minutes of […]

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