Your phone won’t give you cancer and you don’t get the flu from the flu shot

Aaron Carroll is ready to fight the medical myths again. This time it is about the phone and its cancer giving properties, which have not been demonstrated even after 2 decades of studies from around the world.

Phone use microwave radiation, liek the one from your microwave oven, but at much lower intensity and thus, the only possible effect when used continuously is a mils heating of the area where the phone is near your skin.

Heating. Maybe not even one degree.

So, as for cancer giving properties, phones have not been proven to do that.

Next up: does the flu shot give you flu? Nope. The symptoms you feel when you get the flu shot is your body reacting to the inactive viruses or bacteria in that shot.

So, if you fell ill after you have been given a flu shot, then that means that you are ok, your body works. It simply mounts a response to the inactive pathogens from the vaccines.

You’ll be ok in no time, but ready for the big battle:

learn science

You should get a flu shot

Common cold is not that big of a risk, but the flu is. You should get a flu shot in order to prepare your body for the following weeks of virus attacks. If you get a flu shot and feel ill, then you need to know that you were not infected, but your body sensed the inactive virus and then reacted like it was a live one. No worries in there.

The more will get a flu shot, the better for the entire community.