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Watch this drone fly through fireworks!

Michael Bay, step aside, please. This guy, Jos Stiglingh, used a drone to fly it through the fireworks. The drone is safe, but it brought back a great video that racket up to 8 million views in less than a week. They used a DJI Phantom 2 and filming it with a GoPro Hero 3 […]

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Fireworks and the incredibly simple chemistry behind them

Chemistry is great. If you know the basis, then you can know for sure that the likes of Food Babe are utterly stupid or even maleficent. I wrote a while ago a small chem guide for the folks back here in Romania. Most of the resources from that blog post come from Compuond Chem and […]

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Time is not an issue: fireworks in reverse

Julian Tray has created a nice video of fireworks in reverse. He filmed New Year’s Eve Fireworks at Docklands, Melbourne 2012 and then created a reverse portion of that video. Enjoy! Via [Gizmodo].

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