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This matchstick pistol might save your life someday

The King of Random creates educational videos and show us how do to stuff like a matchstick pistol. Why something like this might save your life?

Let’s say you’re blocked under a ruin/car and you need to burn some wood really close-be but you can’t reach that area. With the matchstick pistol you can fire a flaming bolt to the wood and you’re saved 😀

Anyhow, this tiny pistol is incredible!

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Mega fireplace from ASAP Science

ASAP Science has prepared us a great gift for Christmas: a fireplace on YouTube. The great thing about this is that you see the process of burning, the chemical substances that are taking part in this process and the result of burning.

Wood (C6H10O5 – cellulose) burns when you add heat and Oxygen. The result: carbon dioxide, water, heat. At the end, when the wood is almost completely burned, you will see: CH4 (methane), C10H8 (naphtalene), C6H6 (benzene).


The Door to Hell exists

And that door to hell is, in fact, a big sinkhole where natural gas burns like crazy. That sinkhole is 20 meters deep and 70 meters in diameter and it is located in Karakum Desert, Turkmenistan, near the village called Darvaza (or Derweze).

That place is also called the Darvaza Gas Crater and it is a tourist attraction. It will burn fire for many years to come so all you need to is to prepare enough money and then go there.

How did that happen? Some Soviet geologists tapped into a gas cavers in 1971 and the ground beneath the drilling rig collapsed. The exact location: 40°15′10″N 58°26′22″E.