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If men acted like feminists

Thunderf00t has made my day. Ever sat and wondered? Nope. I won’t go there, but Thunderf00t did. Feminists like to pose as victims, use emotional videos to gain their goals and, sometimes, are utterly stupid. Women who want to create a change without doing stupid stuff call themselves humanists. More appropriate. If men acted like […]

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LOL, games journalists hate gamers?

Good to know that Matt spoke about this situation. Game journalists hating gamers is like bike reviewers hating the bikers and so on. What do those games have to do with hating? And, of course, why are gamers the target of such attacks? I do not agree with Matt’s premise that if you tell a […]

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Thunderf00t: the art of professional victimhood #cancelcolbert

I like this guy. He says the things as they are and, as opposed to the video above, he’s not only dealing with feminists that don’t have any real achievement in their life, he also fights pseudo-science (remember Thorium car) and creates scientific videos from which we can learn a ton of new info. Yup, […]

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