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Where does the fat go? You breathe it out

A couple of researchers from Australia have done the math and it turns out that the fat does not get transformed to hear/energy. Well, only a small bit of it. Most of the fat will be burned in the body and will be expelled in the for of CO2, carbon dioxide.

So, why not breathe more? Well, you first need to do some effort, you need some sports in order to increase the rate at which you burn fat in your body. Then you can expel it as CO2 and water.

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When you lose weight the fat goes out through your breath as carbon dioxide

In an interesting turn of events, Ruben Meerman, researcher, and Andrew J Brown, professor have researched where does the fat in people go when we “burn” it. Well, surprisingly many doctors and nutritionists would say that the fat is transformed into heat or energy, but the researchers have concluded that this is not possible. Why? Because of this: E = mc^2.

You can’t just turn matter into energy and not obtain an atomic bomb.

Do, where does the fat go? Well, the fat, or better said the triglycerides C55H104O6 are burned through regular oxidation processes due to metabolism and then they are eliminated through respiration by exhaling CO2.

Due to the conservation of energy the researchers landed with this neat and simple reaction from chemistry:
C55H104O6 + 78O2 → 55CO2 + 52H2O + energy

There is actually some energy generated, but it is small in comparison with what we exhale.

What does this mean? That means that the fat goes out through our mouths when we exhale carbon dioxide.

Should we breath faster, then? Nope. You’ll over-ventilate. Do sports and eat just enough. Even a chocolate if you eat after doing sports for 1 hour will destroy your work.

So, now you know the solution in a scientifically stated way: sports and healthy eating.

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Science of sweetness: cats can’t taste sweet and some sweet things don’t make you fat

Hank Green, from SciShow, explains how the science of sweetness works out and how we are able to taste things. Using the taste receptors in out tongue we can taste things form around us and we usually choose sweet and salty and avoid bitter or sour tastes.

Sour and bitter are avoided because they are signs of dangerous substances.

There are animals that cannot taste sweets: cats. This is because a certain gene is missing from their DNA. They are sweet in themselves and thus they don’t need to taste sweet, eh?

Also, sweet substances that our body cannot process, but it can taste, are not a source of calories. Usually food additives that give sweet taste will not make you fat, because they are not absorbed by the body and thus they are not transformed into energy.

However, too much of that sweet stuff and your brain will not be able to control your body when it finally meets a sweet substance that can be actually transformed into fats.