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Is life in Fallout 4 feasible? Science says: YES.

The main theme in the Fallout games is that a nuclear disaster takes place and some lucky people, who paid the right price, were selected to go into the allmighty protective vaults while others have been left out to rot like bugs. After a while you emerge from one of the vaults only to discover […]

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Fallout Beer in UK. Buy it on Amazon!

Mundane Matt informs us that Carlsberg and Bethesda have worked together to create the Fallout Beer which can be pre-ordered on Amazon. The beer will be released on November the 5th. Now, that is the first time when a pc video game has gotten its own beer. Ok, it’s not Nuke Cola, but it is […]

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Mass Effect Andromeda and Fallout 4 trailers: these are the pc games I’ll love to play

Mass Effect is one of my favorite RPG games. You build your own character the way you want it and develop relationships with the crew the way you want it. You learn a ton of stuff and enhance your chanracter and then travel to untold numbers of planets in the Galaxy. Fun, exciting and crazy […]

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