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Dinosaur rap. Get to know the terrible lizards up close

Dinosaurs or “terrible lizards” has now a science rap. Coma niddy has done it again. He explains what those dinosaurs names mean in a catchy way and with a nice tue. Science is cool. You only need to know where to search. This is what some of the dinosaur names mean: Allosaurus – different lizard […]

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Stuff our body creates in a year and 10 myths busted by BuzzFeed

In a year the human body grows 6 inches, 1.5 inches of nails, 8.8 lbs of skin, 22 gallons of tears, 60 gallons of sweat, 96 gallons of saliva and 130 gallons of urine. That is something. And a human creates about 360 lbs of poop each year. BuzzFedd has some great videos and it […]

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Our brain is amazing

PHDComics explains why our brain is amazing: we have 86 billion cells in it, 20% of them are packed in the cerebral cortex (which is about 4mm thick) and which covers 2500 square centimeters, the axons span over 100 miles and they send the electrical signal with about 220mph. It seems that the brain consumes […]

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