Worlds largest ski jump on first person camera

That is something. You fly for 150 – 200 meters with a speed of about 100+ km/h and you don’t get a scratch. Ski jumps are among the most terrifying sports for me. The video was filmed at Vikersundbakken, the biggest ski jump hill in the world.

Some ski jumpers could even fly for 245 meters. Wow, that’s something. You gotta admit that these sportsmen are truly special people.

Via [Gizmodo].


Dive into a new week with this wingsuit basejump video

In the video form above you will see basejumpers Parker Pridgen, Corbin Usinger, Zak Tessier, and Tom Grayson. The video starts with an almost failed paraglider deply, but then the basejumper returns to the normal path.

The rest of the video shows the risky paths th flyers take by going very near to the cliffs. This all has one word: wow. Enjoy.


Think you got what it takes? Try wingsuit basejump!

Int he video above you can see Ted Davenport doing a basejump with his wingsuit from a height of 2200 meters (metres for UK, 7200 feet for US). The flight lasts for 90 seconds and it takes several hours to prepare. Usual jumping place is from Switzerland, where they can find vertical cuts in the mountain.

They need about 150 meters of vertical space to be able to get some air under their wings and the flight will accelerate them to a whooping 170 km/h or 120mph speed. Such sports can cost you up to $80k in gear and travel expenses. They say only one thing: it is totally worth it.

Can anyone do it? Nope. You need to do about 200 parachute jumps before you can consider yourself qualified for such jumps. Enjoy!

And where some jumps without wingsuit, but still awesome:


How’s that for a week-end ride?


Watch Espen Fadnes flying with 250km/h in his wingsuit

Espen Fadnes is a Norwegian basejumper that feels quite well in his wingsuit. 99.9% of the time devoted to a jump is, in fact, only preparation. That one minute while he is flying with 250km/h (170mph) makes it worth for him to do all this effort.

He says he was not very eager to learn in school, but he followed his passion: outdoors activities. And he is not fearless, but he knows how to control his fears. In the video above you see a bit of his life and a stunning close call with a riverbed.

Okay, it is not a close call, but it it still too close for me to grasp what precision his flying should have so that he will not simply crush in something over there. All in all, people like Espen Fadnes inspire us. Happy flying!

Via [Open Culture].


Amazing street ski – All.I.Can

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

Sherpas Cinema has done a very nice footage of a skier doing extreme street ski. Noticed the sparkles when it lands on the asphalt? This video is in fact a teaser for their award-winning 70min film, “All.I.Can”.

All.I.Can is a movie about comparing big mountain skiing with the global climate change. Shot on 6 continents “the world’s best skiers deliver inspirational performances”. Seeing from the video above I must believe that the movie is awesome. Expect to see some more street skiers somewhere near you. Via [One Cool Thing A Day].

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Where the superheroes at [trampoline wall]

Spiderman lost his job because of this guy. He goes by the name of Julien Roberge and does some neat tricks with a trampoline and a wall. You got to admit it: that’s not child play. An extreme sport if you are not careful enough, but a delight when done right by a professional.

What would be the name of this new superhero that is born in front of our eyes? Springman. That would be. Via [One Cool Thing A Day].


Awesome wingsuit flight is awesome [epic video]

In the newest footage from Phoenix Fly, a company that produces wingsuits, features team The Need 4 Speed which does almost impossible things: they fly deadly close to the rock and the trees. This time they just pushed the boundaries even further and flew over some narrow valleys too. Pretty scary, I might add.

The wingsuits aren’t really expensive. For example, Venom costs just a bit over €1000. It doesn’t matter how much they cost, it’s pretty amazing what people can do with them. Anyways, this video shows that Phoenix Fly does know how to sell its wares.

I have to warn you that the scenes seem to be pretty close to those from action and SciFi movies, but they are damn real. At over 100mph every mistake they do has a swift result: death. If you want to do this wingsuit jump sport too you need to read the details form here. This extreme sport is NOT for everyone.

The Need 4 Speed: Mountain Carving from Phoenix Fly on Vimeo.