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Bike Parkour Will Amaze Every Time

Andrew Dickey rides the bike like no one. With his black painted bike (Its a black bike because white bikes cant jump.) he jumps from one building to another or from a building down to the streets. If someone wants to do a great movie, make it with bike parkour and we’ll all watch it […]

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Mindblowing : Danny Strasser The Rollerman [epic video]

Vsauce 2 amazes again with a new batch of very cool links regarding science, technology and extreme sports where we learn about Danny Strasser : The Rollerman (YouTube channel here). He says the people see him as a big child and he loves the Eyes of Buddha he saw in Nepal. He used them as […]

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How to become superhuman – follow Damien Walters [video]

By follow Damien Walters I mean follow in his foot steps, and not retweeting his tweets 😀 Damien Walters is like a wonder guy of today because of all those crazy stunts and freerunning he does. For lazy guys like me it truly inspirational. Maybe I’ll start doing push-ups again. I don’t promise, but I’ll […]

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