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The magic roundabout in UK

Tom Scott has a neat series of things you might have never heard about. One of them is the magic roundabout from Swindon, England. That roundabout is a series of small roundabouts at the edge of a bigger roundabout and it all works well. If every driver pays attention to the regular traffic rules, then […]

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Thames Tunnel, the Eighth wonder of the World

BBC News published recently a story about the Thames Tunnel, once thought to be the eighth Wonder of the World, because it was the first tunnel under a river. The only time I was in a tunnel under a river it was in 2003, in Budapest, Hungary, when I had to go down to level […]

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The (well hidden) City of London

Things are like this: The City of London is a city inside London, which is inside a country named England, which is inside a country named UK. Talking about Inception movie, the brits really invented this 😀 C.G. P. Grey does a lot of research in some of the most exotic subjects there are in […]

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