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See this video only on 12.22.2012

The end is nigh. Oh, no. Really, the Mayan Calender wonÈ›t stop on 21st December 2012. It only complwtes a cycle at that date. NASA has created this video and explains why no asteroid, solar flare, rogue planets, atomic bombs and so on won’t destroy the World. So, lay back and relax. Christmas is here. […]

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Why LHC won’t destroy the world with black holes or strangelets [video]

Sixty Symbols shows us in the above video why the world won’t be destroyed by the experiments at LHC. Seeing how tiny the particles and the results are I can be sure that there won’t be any issue from those experiments. There are three main doomsday theories that involve LHC: black holes will eat up […]

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Best thing from 11/11/11 – eleven heads acappella [video]

Well, when we talk about Neatorama we can only say one thing: this guys are great. Some of the most interesting and intriguing articles can be found there. Like the acappella music video done by Daniel Koren. How did you spent your end of the world? I didn’t even noticed it! You? Frankly I was […]

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