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Why the upper Earth’s atmosphere is green

If you look closely at the night sky you will see that, at the horizon line, you will see a faint green glow. This is called airglow and happens allover the world. The lower parts of it are green, but in the upper atmosphere the color is actually red. What causes this airglow? The excited […]

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Aloha: bacteria which feeds on and poops electrons

Isn’t that neat? These bacteria, Shewanella and Geobacter, cut the middle-man, metabolism, and eat up energy directly from the electrons. As you know, metabolism is responsible for transforming food into sugars like glucose which is then used to power up our bodies. Ultimately, our need for energy can be summed up into one single fact: […]

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The double slit experiment which proves that the electrons are particles AND waves

In the video from above Brian Greene explains how the double slit experiment allowed us to see that the electrons are particles and waves in the same time, much like you hear all around that light can be seen as particle and as a wave. The very act of observing the electron going through the […]

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