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Dr. Oz, the snake oil shithead that sells “miracle weight loss cures”, smoked and exposed

The guys at Vox have created a summary of three of the biggest lies of the shithead called Dr. Oz, a guy who is ready to always sell you miracle weight loss cures. Those never work. They only make your wallet lose money. The three of the biggest lies this Dr. Oz is selling: – […]

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John Oliver slaps Dr. Oz for, well, because Oz is a shitty guy who would sell his own mother as miracle powder?

I said that Dr. Oz would sell his own mother as miracle powder, not John Oliver. Oz seems to have a ton of access to miracle cures that even he recognizes, did not pass the science test. It does not matter, they are miracle cures. Those are simply lies. Who the fuck needs science when […]

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News flash: Dr. Oz gets a kick in the butt from Senate’s consumer protection panel

It was about time. Dr. Oz would be ready to sell even his own mother as miracle powder. Every possible shit he could invent or hear of will be promoted by him as a miracle, even though he admits that the products he presents in his “The Dr. Oz Show.” : “[…]recognize they don’t have […]

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