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Do you love the truth science brings us? Sense About Science needs our help

Sense About Science, the guys who created trustworthy guides about homeopathy lies (this one too), detox scams, are in need of donations. You can help too. You can find more info on their donations page. We need to help groups of people who want to further the cause of science. Without having a ferm scientific […]

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I took the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS fund raising

I took the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS fund raising. Our boss, Emilian, took us, the guys from Spring Merchant, in the center of Brasov city, Romania, and then gave us a nice icy bath. I am the tall guy, the second from left to right. That water was freezing. Good that we had some […]

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Diseases: bubonic plague, ebola, herpes + where we donate vs what kills us

Right at the middle of the week I hit you with an article about diseases. Come on, you gotta love ’em. They show our nature and they are kind to the population by killing the weak ones. Kidding. diseases are bad and we must take every possible step in destroying it. Fortunately, vaccines and a […]

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