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This matchstick pistol might save your life someday

The King of Random creates educational videos and show us how do to stuff like a matchstick pistol. Why something like this might save your life? Let’s say you’re blocked under a ruin/car and you need to burn some wood really close-be but you can’t reach that area. With the matchstick pistol you can fire […]

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Pumpktris – interesting hybrid from tetris game and a pumpkin

Pumptris is a DIY tetris console where the game case is, in fact, a pumpkin. 128 LEDs, 256 pieces of heat-shrink tubing, 313 solder joints, around twelve hours of work over a week and a half and 9800-point high score so far. Natahan, the creator or pumptris has had a great deal of patience with […]

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How do holograms work – this video explains how to make one

Make Magazine explains very easy what holograms are and how you can build your own. It only takes basic knowledge of how to read instructions and following them to the letter. For this you will need a laser, an LED, “Instant Hologram” Film Plates and some other things outlined in the DIY Hologram Kit. If […]

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