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No, there are no aliens [yet]

The news about an alien megastructure surrounding star KIC 8462852 have been all the rage these days. But, as in the case of BICEP2 discovery, it is better to simply be cautious and not imply that there have been discovered structures like that. Yet. Hank Green explains why there is more chance to simply have […]

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What do all these science channels do all the time?

The guys at IFL Science have nailed it: none of the mainstream science channels actually do science. Except DNEWS I do not follow anything from Discovery Channel. The other science channels have gooten damn boring so I’ll skip them all the time. Have a comic here:

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Mythbusters show that a gun with a 90 degrees barrel works. And it is LETHAL!

Incredibly enough, the US army or no any army for that matter, did not invent any such gun. It was the Mythbusters who demonstrated that if you have a gun and curve the barrel in a 90 degree angle, you can still shoot lethal bullets. Now that is mind bending. No matter what, I would […]

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