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Stop believing these 5 dinosaur myths

Sweet Jacqueline Howard talks nerdy to us and explains why we should not believe 5 dinosaur myths that are floating around the everywhere. Dinosaurs dies out 65 million years ago when an asteroid finished off the extinction job started by Earth back then.

Those 5 myths are:
– dinosaurs were dumb – nope, they weren’t
– brontosaurus was the biggest of them all – that guy did not even exist. OC Marsh misidentified an apatosaurus and named it brontosaurus
– dinosaurs were covered in scales – they had skin and some had feathers
– dinosaurs were cold blooded – they were mesotherms
– they were slow movers – nope. they could run up to 40mph and a T-REX about 18 mph.

Also, the asteroid that hit Earth 65 million years ago was only the last straw:

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A short history of dinosaurs

Dinosaurs – BBC Explainer from The Brothers McLeod on Vimeo.

Kuriositas published a blog post recently from which we can learn more about dinosaurs history. Dinosaurs existed in a period called mezozoic, which is divided into other three time frames, each with its own type of dinosaurs: triassic, jurassic, cretaceous.

After the dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago, mammals were left to dominate de worl and dinosaurs have left us the birds, the closes descendant of them.

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Dimetrodon is NOT a dinosaur

News flash: some ancient animals are NOT dinosaurs. Dimetrodons, those mammal-like reptilians that lived with 60 million years before the dinosaurs are such examples. They look like reptilians with big crest on their back.

From the video in this blog post you will learn about the fact that we and the reptilians have a common ancestor and that we and the Dimetrodons, which were synapsids, like we are, have another common ancestor. Evolution is crazy and I’m glad that the scientists took the time to properly classify all the animals they could find.

BTW ancient animals mean animals that have only few steps of evolution throughout the millions of years.

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5 ancient animals that aren’t dinosaurs

Up until today I thought that all animals that lives some few million years ago were dinosaurs, but that is nto the case. dinosaur means “terrible lizards” in Greek and we talk about those big creates that have lived on land, but about the other ones?

Hank Green, from SciShow, explains that the creatures that lived here a couple of million years ago were stranger that we’d thought: reptiles that looked like fish, but couldn’t breathe in water, reptiles that gave birth to live young, instead of laying eggs and animals the size or giraffes that could fly. Now, that’s something new.

Some examples of such animals, organized by their evolutionary relationships and not by how they looked. These were not dinosaurs, big lizards that had their legs under them instead of the legs spread our parallel to their thighs:
– Dimetrodon – mammal-like reptile that lives before the dinosaurs, our ancestors
– Pteurosaurs – reptiles that could fly, not dinosaurs. Examples – Pteranodon or Quatzalcuatlus, tall as a giraffe
– Plesiosaurs – aquatic animals and among them is the Pliosaur – they gave birth to live young
– Ichtyosaurs – they lived int he water, but they had to get out of the water to breathe, they also gave birth to live young
– Mosasaurs – in water, their closest descendants today are snakes

It seems that evolution follows a tedious path to… something. Alrighty, then 😀

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Dinosaur rap. Get to know the terrible lizards up close

Dinosaurs or “terrible lizards” has now a science rap. Coma niddy has done it again. He explains what those dinosaurs names mean in a catchy way and with a nice tue. Science is cool. You only need to know where to search.

This is what some of the dinosaur names mean:
Allosaurus – different lizard
Velociraptor – swift thief
T-Rex – tyrant king lizard
Saurolophus – near crest
Troodon – wounding tooth
Stegosaurus – roof lizard
Sauropods – lizard foot
Therapod – beast feet
Ornithopod – bird feet
Ceratopsid – horn face

Well, I learned something new!

UPDATE:July 20 2013. And here we have the follow-up video with some myths dispelled. Thanks Coma Niddy for your awesome work!