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Stop believing these 5 dinosaur myths

Sweet Jacqueline Howard talks nerdy to us and explains why we should not believe 5 dinosaur myths that are floating around the everywhere. Dinosaurs dies out 65 million years ago when an asteroid finished off the extinction job started by Earth back then.

Those 5 myths are:
– dinosaurs were dumb – nope, they weren’t
– brontosaurus was the biggest of them all – that guy did not even exist. OC Marsh misidentified an apatosaurus and named it brontosaurus
– dinosaurs were covered in scales – they had skin and some had feathers
– dinosaurs were cold blooded – they were mesotherms
– they were slow movers – nope. they could run up to 40mph and a T-REX about 18 mph.

Also, the asteroid that hit Earth 65 million years ago was only the last straw: