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Discover, record and share history with Timelines


Timelines is an awesome website where you can discover, share and record history. You can see events in a way very different than from books or official statements. Most of the history items are, in fact, pretty objective and you can find there what, who, how and where did something happen on a particular day.

It is even more interesting when you can contribute to the pieces of history outlined there. This is not just a history hub where enthusiasts can meet and help in creating content about history. This is you and me being able to take part of history. I’m not a big fan of history as I love more tech, but I surely like the sounds of Timelines. Head over to Timelines and see what happened at your birthday. Via [Presurfer].


Awesome privacy monitor and the wonder of polarized glasses [video]

Instructable’s user Dimovi has done an awesome LCD monitor hack to create the ultimate privacy display. Everyone can do this. Really, the tutorial is dead simple and what you want to do is to take out the polarized film from the monitor.

this way you will see only a blank display, but if you use the polarized film outside the images are crisp clear. You will need o create some special glasses by cutting that film and adding it to the glasses. This way only you can see what that monitor show. This is freaking great. Thanks [OctiZip].


Drill me a square hole – impossible no more [video]

Well, that’s new. Or not. We’ve been able to drill square holes since 1917. Neatorama discovered in Harry Watts’s patent how the first model looked like. I must admit that it came as a sort of surprise because you don’t get to see everyday this kind of drill.

Let’s see it in action:

And here is the concept explained in a nice animation. So, basically you need to drill on two axes in order to move the drill head around. Simple and in the same time a genius idea. Since the concept is almost one hundred years old I might say that the guys back then were damn good. At least at drilling, electricity and… well, pretty much a lot of things 😀