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Coffee makers: how they got to be and how do they work?

The Engineer Guy, Bill Hamack, explains how did the nowadays coffee makers get into our homes and how do they work. First, there were the percolators, the predecessors of the coffee makers and they were not very useful as the coffee had a sour taste, a so-called sludge. It wasn’t until mid 1960s when the […]

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Just yawn and get a free coffee

The guys at Douwe Egberts have created a nice coffee dispenser which can detect if you’re yawning and then it given you a free coffee. Neat trick, great publicity stunt and an even better future for me, as a coffee drinker. Yay for such inventions. Seen this video thanks to Vsauce 2 list of Mind […]

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How to drink coffee in space: tech&sci news #1

EarthSky tells us that drinking coffee in space is darn hard and scientists needed to actually invent a space coffee machine in order to allow astronauts to drink coffee in space. In microgravity the coffee does not simply fall “down” somewhere so you have to drink it using a special plastic bag and then sip […]

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