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Get your hands on this (almost) flying car

Wired presented a special car made by Bruce Tomb, who used an excavator and topped with a 1959 El Camino, nming this vehicle Maria del Camino. He has all the controls in the car which doesn’t ever has seats. They are fin with it like it is because it still turns heads. This vehicle is […]

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Watch how a square wheeled car would work

A square wheeled car can work as long as you can keep the four wheels in sync. The minor issue would be vibrations due to the hard corners of the wheels and the fact that you cannot have enough speed. The footprint such a wheel would leave on the asphalt is quite small compared to […]

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Real life car robot transformer is waiting for you now

Kenji Ishida and JS Robotics have created an incredible car robot transformer that will amaze you. I have seen many models like this, but none that could actually look so cool and even move around like it invented walking. The Transformers are here. Prepare for the Decepticons. Via [Dvice].

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