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Fighting cancer with tumor ablation?

Thuderf00t’s father has terminal liver cancer and thus Thunderf00t looked into tumor ablation, which is cancer killing by freezing, heating or poisoning the cancer area. He tested an artificial sugar called laculose and saw that it is highly hydrophilic, meaning that it takes up water from the surroundings.

Would laculose help killing off cancer if injected in a tumor area?

Here are his thoughts:

Tumor ablation is basically killing off all the cancer cells by either freezing, cooking or poisoning. The ‘poisoning’ is normally done with ethanol (alcohol), although the reckoning is, the cell killing activity here is by dehydration.
Well all you need to dehydrate stuff is something thats good at absorbing water, and preferably very non-toxic to life.

While visiting my parents, I learned about laculose (a laxative sugar), and intrigued by its action, I looked into how it functioned. Turns out its an ‘artificial sugar’ which the body cannot metabolize. However its also extremely non-toxic.

Could laculose (as a very viscous solution) be used for tumor ablation. My money says yes. The sheer non-toxicity of the substance makes it an ideal candidate. However injected into a tumor, it will very effectively pull out the water from the surrounding material (eg the cancer) killing it.

My Dad probably has terminal liver cancer at this point. At an earlier stage ablative techniques could have offered a better prognosis, but we are probably past that now.
Cancer typically kills you by obstructing stuff, and so Im currently looking at physical ways of preventing that. From someone who always was squeemish around organs, Ive gone to someone who daily does experiments on pigs liver.


Your phone won’t give you cancer and you don’t get the flu from the flu shot

Aaron Carroll is ready to fight the medical myths again. This time it is about the phone and its cancer giving properties, which have not been demonstrated even after 2 decades of studies from around the world.

Phone use microwave radiation, liek the one from your microwave oven, but at much lower intensity and thus, the only possible effect when used continuously is a mils heating of the area where the phone is near your skin.

Heating. Maybe not even one degree.

So, as for cancer giving properties, phones have not been proven to do that.

Next up: does the flu shot give you flu? Nope. The symptoms you feel when you get the flu shot is your body reacting to the inactive viruses or bacteria in that shot.

So, if you fell ill after you have been given a flu shot, then that means that you are ok, your body works. It simply mounts a response to the inactive pathogens from the vaccines.

You’ll be ok in no time, but ready for the big battle:

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Target tumors with electricity? We can do this!

With over 140 000 new cases of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, diagnosed each year in the US it is no wonder one would need to find a cure for cancer and fast. Doctors are now using electricity to target this type of cancer. Oncologist Adil Daud, Md, of UCSF School of Medicine told Inside Science, the creators of this video, that the tumors targeted this way have not come back.

First, the cancer cells are injected with an anti-cancer drug and then an electrode is inserted in there and short pulses of electricity are sent through the tumor. These electricity pulses cause pores int he cancer cells to briefly open and then the drug gets in. Early results show 95% success rate. Wow! Clever and sneaky way to fight with cancer! It also seems that if you target tumors this way other tumors, that were not targeted by electric pulses, will also regress. Neat.

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Fighting cancer in the future with antibody-drug conjugates

Cancer cannot be killed of so easily and, if the tumor is way too big or malign, then you’re in for a bumpy ride, most often, to death. not a cool way to die as you’d need to employ chemotherapy coupled with radiation therapy and no one can tell you for sure if you will survive.

A new technique makes use of antibody-drug conjugates, a system in which the drug that can kill of the tumors is attached to the antibodies and then it is released only when the antibodies locate the tumor cells. It is hard to make this technique actually work, but they are on the right path.

The major issue with chemotherapy is that the drugs target bad cells, but good cells too and you get weaker and weaker because of such treatments. The antibody-drug conjugates would help target specifically the tumor cells.

We’re entering a new era of personalized drugs and it will not be long before we can have a drug designed instantly for our own genetic code, blood type and cells. Can’t wait to see that day coming.

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Vsauce: we don’t we all have cancer?

Yeah, why? I always asked me that question. No, I didn’t, but Vsauce did and also answered to it too. While our cells would be happy to divide like crazy and make us a big clump of cancer blob, we actually have mechanisms that check is the cells are nor developing as they shouldl and then it kills them.

About 1 million cells die every second in out body, but we have more than 10 trillion cells in us the dead cells are constantly replace with new ones so don’t be scared. Vsauce did a great research on cell death and we now know that 5.5 grams of our skin dies every week as we are literally covered with dead skin cells (the epidermis, which is about 1mm thick). 80% of the dust you see floating in your house is dead human skin.

Find out more int he video from above.

Also, if BRCA1 gene mutates in our body then cancer shows up. BRCA1 is meant to regulate the speed at which cells divide and, if it does not work well, then we can be the victims of cancer. That gene have many variants and not are created equal. Some BRCA1 genes might work better against cancer, some not. Check the video from below for more info:

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The true story behind the measles virus that killed cancer in ONE pacient

Like what you heard above? Well you did. Many believe that the woman that has the cancer killed by that virus received a measles vaccine that was very potent. Wrong. The scientists used a measles virus, modified it genetically and then infused a high dose or the actual virus in that woman. After a short time the cancer died out, only for some of it to return later.

Remember: one successful case does not mean that we have a cure. Another woman received a similar treatment, but the cancer was not destroyed. It turns out that finding a general cure is a long way and it all depends on on various factors like: DNA of the pacient, past history, the type of cancer, stage of cancer.

According to IFL Science (original source Cancer Research UK) you also need to match the type of virus to the type of the cancer cells. This was a success, but only one and actual treatments are years away. Although the woman was saved from her cancer, this test as only a proof of concept.

We hope to see some more research put into this and then an actual cure for cancer. for now, we still learn how to use viruses to kill of some types of cancer. So, nope, we don’t yet have a cure for cancer.

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Cancer science: was Angelina Jolie forced to do mastectomy?

Hank Green presents in SciShow why Angelina Jolie did mastectomy. Mestectomy is the procedure of surgically removing the breasts and that is a shitty thing, because I like her and ther movies. Too bad to hear that. Hank explains that she had a mutant gene in her DNA that raised the possibility that she could do breast cancer.

Different researches on the mutant genes BRCA1 and BRCA2, discovered (and patented) by Myriad, show that only a small fraction of those with this gene actually develop breast cancer.

It is said that 12% of the women will develop breast cancer sometimes during their lives. The BRCA1&2 mutations are present in about .1 – .2% of the population and having that mutation is an increased risk, not a diagnosis of the disease.

65% of the women that undergo mastectomy are using this procedure because of fear, as Hank explains it, and are not taking into account other options. So, as it seems, mastectomy should be last option used in these situations, but the decision is solely on each one of the affected women..